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Best CPM Networks for Websites with Less Traffic-Small Publishers

Best CPM Networks for Websites with Less Traffic-Small Publishers


CPM Ad Network for low traffic websites.List of top paying CPM Ad Networks
 for small publishers with less traffic on blogs/websites(Avg. $1/CPM
(cost per impression)). There are many popular CPM Ad networks
 which pays high rates per 1000 impressions(Avg. $4-$7).
But the usual problem is they need tonnes of traffic.Therefore,no
 entry for the bloggers with less traffic on their blogs.But No worry's
 now,the blogs having less traffic can go for the below listed Ad networks,
who accept the publishers even with little traffic.As Adsense is hard to get
 approved in India ,the below list is best for Indian publishers too.




1.ValueClick media:

ValueClick media is one of the best cpm ad network which allow the publishers 
with moderate traffic.ValueClick media accepts websites with more than 3000 
page views per month. They won’t accept  free hosted websites. They will 
approve only high quality sites.publishers having 3000+ page views per month 
can apply for it.You can cashout the amount once you reach $25.Payments 
are made monthly through Payment methods like paypal, check, direct deposit


Chitika is a on-line advertising network serving more than 2 billion
 impressions monthly in more than 80,000 website.Chitika platform
 is easy to use and always displays relevant ads with respect to
 your blog content.Chitika also gives 10% commission for new
 publishers through our referral link .Chitika will pay
 you 30 days after the end of the month provided that your total
 income has exceeded $ 10 (through PayPal) and $ 50 (through check).

The CPM Ad Network that pays you for every thousand visitors
 you get on your blog.Bloggers who has very limited amount of
 traffic can go for offer daily payment with
a minimum payout of 5$. If you are interested
in Popup/popunder ads then it would be the best cpm network
 as its pays in the range of $2-$6 per 1000 impressions
 depending upon your website quality.

4.Burst Media:

It’s one of the most stable and professional ad networks in the Ad 
network industry ,it accept publishers with moderate traffic on their
 blogs.The minimum traffic requirement for burst media is
5,000 monthly unique views .Burst Media provides high paying
CPM rates.Publishers get complete control over the ads delivered.


AdAgency1 is a small but unique CPM ad network founded in 2004.It provides
 banner ads,text ads,emailads,etc.the cpm rates vary based on geographic locations
.it shares 70% revenue with publishers.The minimum payput is $ requires
 about 15000 monthly impressions or 5000 unique visitors per month.cpm for US 
and Middle-East focuses very high rates.

6.Traffic Revenue:Sorry,Traffic Revenue has been shut down:(

Traffic Revenue is a CPM ad network best suits for new bloggers. It would be good
  to use a sliding banner ads,Because the sliding advertising will pay you more,
 and this ad certainly does not make your blog redirect to other ad sites.

NOTE FOR Traffic Revenue Users:  

Dear TrafficRevenue Member,

Due to lack of advertisers and many design-level problems, they have 

decided to shut down TrafficRevenue website.

Adcodes have been already disabled. To withdraw your remaining funds 

or not-completed payouts, you will need to register at 
You can also use your existing PopAds account if you have one.

Then please follow this link:

This page will allow you to migrate balance as well as non-completed

 payments from TrafficRevenue to After this, you can
 withdraw funds to PayPal/Payza/Wire with the same payment terms as at

Please be aware that this migration link will be available till 1st June 2013. 
After this deadline, it will not be possible to migrate your account!

In case of any questions or problems, please contact


paid2promote cpm adnetwork is also good to new and small bloggers.
Paid to Promote or PTP is a CPM network that better utilize the
more income with pop up ads. This advertising network will pay
 you $1 to $8 for every thousand visitors to your blog.
The CPM Rates varies depending on the country.
This CPM network is paying since 2007,and they have the highest
 rates for small blogs. The minimum payout is $5.Payments can
 be made via PayPal or AlertPay.
 Payments are made twice a month, every 1st and 15th.


ITY.IM is also a good cpm network for the blogs having moderate traffic.
It offers popup and banner ads and you can easily enable/disable popup with banner.
 It also provides url shrinking. The CPM Rates varies depending on the country. 
The country like US,UK,FR,CA are having higher rates.

Epom is a new CPM ad network founded in 2010,and has managed to become 
one of the most successful startups in ad serving industry.It offers highest
 CPM rates.For Instance,they offer $0.3-$0.5 CPM rates for  targeted traffic from


It is one of the best options for CPM for blogs with low did not gave any 
traffic conditions as every publisher is allowed to Pulsepoint . After registering
 you can add your blog/website, which need to be approved before display ads.

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